Commercial Garbage Pick-Up and Recycling
for West Virginia

Choose Jochum Refuse for Commercial Dumpsters

Jochum Refuse offers commercial dumpsters for businesses in Bethlehem, WV, and the surrounding areas. When you need reliable trash removal, our team is here to help. We handle various commercial spaces, including but not limited to:


Apartment Buildings
Retail Stores

Commercial spaces create tons of waste, and it can be difficult to find reliable garbage removal to keep up with the constant amount of trash. Call Jochum Refuse at (304) 232-5031 today to set up garbage removal for your business. We proudly serve Bethlehem, WV; Wheeling, WV; Warwood, WV; and the surrounding areas. Please call us for pricing and pickup schedules. There is no trash pick-up on Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it resumes the following day.

Cardboard Recycling for Businesses in West Virginia

Businesses come across recyclables that can be hard to properly dispose of. Jochum Refuse offers cardboard recycling for businesses throughout Bethlehem, WV, and the surrounding areas. From large shipments, to old storage boxes, allow Jochum Refuse to remove your cardboard materials and properly recycle them. Cardboard recycling has dozens of benefits, including saving trees, saving energy, and keeping recyclable materials out of the landfill.

Help us keep cardboard out of the landfill by talking with our staff about adding cardboard recycling to your garbage removal services.

Roll-Off Container Rentals for Businesses in Ohio

Roll-off containers work wonderfully for high-traffic businesses that produce large amounts of waste. Depending on the size, roll-offs can hold up to 12 truckloads of waste. Whether you are cleaning out your business, or work in a busy hospital, hotel, or run an apartment building, a roll-off container may be best for your trash removal needs. Contact Jochum Refuse today for a roll-off container for your business in St. Clairsville, OH, or the surrounding areas.