Cardboard and Metal Recycling Facility
in West Virginia

Cardboard and Metal Recycling Drop-Off at Jochum Refuse

Jochum Refuse in Wheeling, WV, offers cardboard and metal recycling drop-off for homes and businesses throughout West Virginia and Ohio. Help Jochum Refuse keep cardboard, metal, and various appliances out of landfills. Call us today at (304) 232-5031 for more information on how to use our recycling facility.

Located in Wheeling, WV, Jochum Refuse proudly serves St. Clairsville, OH; Bethlehem, WV; Moundsville, WV; and the surrounding areas. Cardboard pick-up is for commercial accounts only.

Metal Recycling Benefits the Earth and the Economy

While any and all recycling is beneficial in its own way, metal is one material that continues to give back once it is recycled. In general, recycling metal keeps it out of landfills. To go more in depth, recycled metal reduces energy consumption, helps to reduce the cost of creating new metal and those metal products, and limits the amount of emissions that are let out in the process of creating new metals. Even recycling one piece of scrap metal or a soda can helps to reduce long-lasting garbage in landfills. Are you ready to help the earth and the economy by recycling metal? Talk with the friendly staff at Jochum Refuse to learn more about our recycling drop-off.

Residential and Commercial Cardboard Recycling in West Virginia

Home and business owners in Wheeling, WV, and the surrounding areas may not realize how much cardboard they really go through. Whether your large shipments come in via cardboard boxes, or your family loves online shopping or various food items that come in cardboard, it all ends up in the landfill. If you are interested in cardboard recycling, contact Jochum Refuse in Wheeling, WV. Cardboard recycling saves water, cuts down on carbon dioxide emissions, and saves space in garbage dumps and landfills. We provide cardboard pick-up for businesses, and recycling drop-off for residents.