Trash Removal and Recycling Services
in West Virginia

Jochum Refuse Offers Residential Trash Pick-Up Services in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Finding affordable, dependable trash pick-up service can be difficult, but not when you choose Jochum Refuse. Since 1952, our business has provided countless residential customers in Bethlehem, WV, and the surrounding areas of Ohio County with exceptional customer service and garbage removal services. Call Jochum Refuse today at (304) 232-5031 for more information about our residential trash removal. We proudly serve Ohio County, Marshall County, and all of West Virginia. We proudly serve Ohio County, Marshall County, and all of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Roll-Off Containers for Commercial Use & Demolition in All WV Counties

Roll-off containers are perfect for large businesses that accumulate a lot of waste, or homes going through demolition or estate clean-outs. Roll-offs are large dumpsters that fit multiple truckloads of garbage. If you are interested in a roll-off container for commercial use, or need one for a residential project in Moundsville, WV, or anywhere in West Virginia, talk to the helpful staff at Jochum Refuse.

Cardboard and Metal Recycling for Wheeling-Area Residents

Jochum Refuse offers cardboard and metal recycling for homes and businesses in Wheeling, WV, and the surrounding areas. Help us clean up the environment by dropping off your recyclables at our facility. Cardboard and metal are popular materials that some may not know what to do with. Whether you have a large amount of cardboard boxes at your restaurant, or your stove stopped working and you do not know where to take it, call Jochum Refuse. We accept cardboard, metal, and appliances at our recycling facility in Wheeling, WV.

Cardboard recycling pick-up is available for commercial accounts only.

Contact Jochum Refuse to Set Up Trash Removal in WV

Whether you are looking for residential trash removal or need a commercial dumpster, Jochum Refuse is who to call. We offer various garbage removal services for residents of Wheeling, WV, and the surrounding areas. We proudly serve the following West Virginia areas:

Ohio County, WV

Elm Grove

Marshall County, WV

Glen Dale

Contact Jochum Refuse today, or stop by to set up your new account. We are ready to help with your garbage removal needs!